Planning a Memorable Wedding

I know how busy you are with your wedding planning. It is exhausting trying to balance your budget with your longing to make your dream wedding not only beautiful but also memorable. You have dreamed of this day since you were a little girl. The bride seemed like an amazing princess for one magical day. Now, as an adult, planning your wedding there just seems to be endless checklists to accomplish. Misunderstanding and disagreements between everyone concerned to handle and settle. May I suggest most of the things you are upset about, in the end, will make no difference to the people attending the wedding. Here are the five things people remember about a wedding:

Memorable Weddings Have Five Components

  • Did the couple look like they were in love, happy and enjoying the day?
  • Was the couple well-groomed and attractively dressed.
  • Was the ceremony and music upbeat, touching and under 35 minutes.
  • Was the food good? It makes no difference if it was a sit down dinner, a barbecue buffet, or appetizers and a wedding cake.
  • Did the bride and groom take the time to visit and thank every guest for sharing their wedding day with them? Did each person feel warmly welcomed and treated like a treasured guest?

If you do these five things your wedding will be a success. So relax, use your creativity, not cash, to make your wedding a fun experience for all. One of the most magical weddings I have ever attended was a touching church service followed immediately by a back yard reception with a simple catered buffet. The patio turned into a dance floor with a relative playing a playlist of favorite songs. Lights in the trees and plenty of rented tables and chairs. The tables with white clothes, candles and a vase filled with $5.00 grocery store flowers. Candles shone as the night darkened. Such a wonderful wedding should cost under $3,000. Use the money you were going to use on an expensive, elaborate wedding for a down payment on a home or to buy furniture for your apartment and a nest egg for the future.

My final suggestion, is to remember to do the most important step in your wedding planning, make it a priority to learn how to create an enduring Marriage. GOD Bless you and your wonderful future together.