Discover the secret to lifelong love.

While most couples spend countless hours in preparation of the wedding, few feel the need for marriage preparation.  That sounds a little strange, we know. After all, marriage is the most challenging and potentially rewarding relationship of your life. Great enduring marriages don’t just happen by chance, you must be prepared to handle conflicts, communicate clearly and learn ways to build intimacy, trust and love. Invest an afternoon together to learn the essential relationship skills and attitudes that happy couples have discovered.

The BECOMING ONE – The Rewarding Marriage Kit features the resources you’ll need to prepare for a marriage that will be the envy of all your friends. BECOMING ONE is like a virtual Marriage Coaching Retreat you experience in the comfort and privacy of your home. But, lifelong marriages don’t happen by chance. We can all benefit from investing a little time to understand each other better. That is why we created the Becoming One. Couple’s Marriage Kit. It features everything you would need from a marriage preparation program for couples. In just a few hours, you will be ready for your lifelong marriage together!

BECOMING ONE –The Rewarding Marriage Kit is a comprehensive Marriage Preparation Program that includes: The Marriage Coach video, Our Marriage Planner, and the book “The DO’S & DON’TS of Marriage”.

What's Included:

  • The Marriage Coach” video includes dramas, motion graphics, and commentary. Each lesson teaches essential skills, attitudes, and strategies.  For instance, you might watch a video on ways to improve communication and ways to resolve conflict in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Marriage planner. Includes interactive activities that you will explore together. The Marriage Coach on the video guides you through the entire program, prompting you to do each activity. The most important activity is “The Marriage Agreement”. Together you will create an actual game plan for your future.
  • “The Do’s and Don’ts of Marriage” book. The reason why we includes Sandra Borchardt’s book in our Marriage Preparation Program is an extra resource of more ideas on create a happy marriage.  Sandra Lynn Borchardt is a career educator who has relevant insight and advice to share with young couples.

You Are Planning and Preparing For a Great Wedding

Remember To Plan and Prepare For a GREAT MARRIAGE!

Happy enduring marriages don’t happen by chance. You both must prepare by learning the essential communication and problem solving skills and respectful attitudes necessary to build a strong marriage. This is easy to do with MARRIAGE DESIGNER’s Virtual Marriage Preparation Program – BECOMING ONE. Together enjoy an unhurried self-paced effective Marriage Prep Program as you relax on the sofa.

Still Not Sure?

Watch a sample of the video chapter about "Effective Communication" and see for yourself how this Marriage Program is changing lives!

What Our Customer Are Saying...

When Anya and Casey married in fall 2016, they hadn’t spent much time discussing life after their wedding. As Casey describes, marriage is like a sport. You don’t become good at it without practice. And, after taking that next step to purchase the Becoming One Couple’s Marriage Planner Kit, they both realized that life after the wedding can become even sweeter, richer — and more fun!

 - The Jones Family

Wanting a beautiful lifelong marriage, I didn’t think twice about our decision to do the “Becoming ONE” Marriage Preparation Course. The love and wisdom of Sandra and Dale Borchardt’s forty year marriage is evident throughout the entire program. This is the kind of loving marriage we want our own kids to witness firsthand. Through the engaging dramas and the “Marriage Agreement”, we have a strong foundation and a deep understanding of our future marriage.

– Julie

As a 41 year old, I was a little skeptical going into marriage prep, but in the “Becoming ONE”, Marriage Preparation Kit, Sandra and Dale Borchardt share their vast wealth of knowledge and advice, it was more than I ever could have asked for. The communication tools were clearly devised by a couple with amazing communication skills and nothing but love for one another.

– Rick Conklin

I was impressed when I opened the box. The Kit is filled with all kinds of attractive marriage resources. “The Marriage Coach” video was key, it lead me step by step through the marriage preparation program. The video was very interesting to watch. The information on relationships was very practical and helpful. I would totally recommend this strong marriage program to anyone, especially for parents to give to get their child, to help their marriage get off to a good start.

– Judy Reeves

Marriage Designer’s “The Rewarding Marriage Kit” couldn’t have arrived at a more prefect time. We had been struggling with conflicts all weekend. The Marriage Program gave us “Problem-solving technics and skills to communicate more clearly. It was simple to do, easy to follow and we even found ourselves laughing and enjoying the programs videos. I wish we had found the “Becoming ONE – Marriage Program earlier.

- Anna Winter

We were recently married and were struggling to blend our separate lives together. We were looking for help on how to have a good marriage. Like Anna said, the Marriage program arrived when we really needed it. We learned to resolve conflicts without fighting, and really improved the way we communicated. We did the entire program in an afternoon. We would recommend “The Rewarding Marriage Kit” to any couple who is trying to figure out how to do marriage right.

- Troy Winter

Are Marriage Classes Worth It?

One of the first questions we are asked about our relationship programs for couples is whether or not they are necessary. Of course, we feel that they’re incredibly valuable to any relationship. With divorce rates at 50%, and many other couples feeling unsatisfied in their marriages, there is a clear need to understand the attitudes and relationship skills that happy couples use.

With a few simple changes in your lives – communicating better, listening better and making each other a priority – you can change the course of your marriage. Not only are you more likely to stay married but also enjoy a happier, healthier and more successful marriage. Why wouldn’t a couple want this?

Specifically, some of the lessons you will explore during our marriage interactive programs for couples are:

  • Benefits of being in a committed relationship
  • Ways to keep the love alive
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Shared values, goals and expectations for marriage
  • How to solve a conflict without becoming angry

Remember, our course is self-paced, and the kit is delivered to your home. This makes it very convenient! You can order your marriage interactive kit for couples today at an affordable price. The materials are yours to keep, so enjoy them!


If you both are using the communication skills, problem solving strategies and respectful attitudes learned in “BECOMING ONE”, Marriage Designer will guarantee: you will communicate more clearly and solve conflicts more effectively.  If you don’t experience these benefits, we will refund the cost of your “BECOMING ONE –Kit”.

We feel so confident in our Guarantee, because we know what you learn in “BECOMING ONE” will enrich your relationship immediately and for a lifetime. No one, who has learned and put into practice our relationship skills and attitudes has regretted doing this Marriage Program, or asked for a refund!


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