A Bond that Lasts: What Goes into Building a Strong and Healthy Relationship

There are millions across the US and the rest of the world that are currently immersed in intimate relationships in some form or another. The downside of this is that a large number of these people, though involved in relationships are not exactly a part of a healthy relational dynamic.

Where some relationships are reviving, refreshing, energizing and supportive, others can be draining, taxing and even downright toxic and abusive.

The question; what exactly goes into building a strong and healthy relationship?

The Ingredients for a Strong, Lasting, and Healthy

 As marriage and relationship coaches who have offered classes, online courses, counseling and more, here are some of the things we feel make for a solid and healthy relationship.


According to sources, when it comes to intimate relationships, respect can sometimes be more profound that love. Where love how we understand it, often relates to how we feel about another in relation to ourselves and how they are with us, respect is pure appreciation of the other as they are.

Respect is what ensures we keep each other safe; respect is what ensures we take each other’s needs and wishes seriously and it is respect that ensures that we are honest and trustworthy.

Expression of Affection

Expression of Affection

Expression of affection, rather being able to communicate the same is also important. Different people may express affection in different ways. Some of us use words; others may find it easier to do caring little things. Whatever the means, it is important to show those we care about that they matter every now and then.   


Where romance and affection are important, so is reliability. This is especially so in long-term relationships and marriages. Showing up for your partner is extremely important. If you said you’d join them for a family dinner, be there. If you promise to babysit the kids so they can spend time with an old friend, don’t back out. Most of all, if you’ve said you’ll be home at a certain time, don’t get side tracked and have them waiting for you in the living room!

Reliability in relationships is extremely important.

Proactively Putting in the Work

At the start, most relationships are easy to navigate and things are a lot more organic. As time progresses however, it is important to keep working to ensure the relationship remains healthy and thriving.

We plan and train for jobs, we make massive agendas and plans for business, even when building homes, there is a whole lot of preparation and planning that is involved. By that yardstick in makes perfect sense to put in as much work if not more when it comes to our intimate relationships.

Check out available resources to help streamline your relationship. Take up counseling. See a coach. Go on a couple retreat. Do whatever you need to in order to make sure that you’ve put in the work!

Winding Down

Follow the steps about and your relationship will both thrive and last. If you’re interested in more information or support on how to make that already lovely relationship even more beautiful, just give us a shout!

Good luck out there folks!