Do You Want a Great Marriage?

I had always dreamed of having a Lifelong Love Story, like I had seen my Parents and Grandparents
have. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat to observe their attitudes, words, and behaviors. As a child, I thought everyone was as careful and tender to each other as my role models. Unfortunately, as I grew up I began noticing couples treating each other rudely and carelessly and I was appalled.

Didn’t they see how they were hurting each other and their relationship? I began carefully observing marriages, especially those rare great marriages. Here is what I found, here are the traits all great marriages have in common. I incorporated these behaviors in my loving marriage and you can also.

Four Keys to a Great Marriage

Control Themselves

Both people understand what they think, say and do daily will either build up or tear down their relationship. They are committed to being in control of themselves:

Out of Control Deluded Thoughts,
Out of Control Disrespectful Attitudes,
Out of Control Thoughtless Tongue,
CREATES- A Wretched Marriage
In Control, Loving Thoughts,
In Control, Uniting Attitudes,
In Control, Careful Tongue,
CREATES- A Joyful Marriage

They Are Best Friends

They not only love each other, they like each other! They enjoy spending time together. Time spent laughing and playing together. After their relationship with God, they are each other’s number one priority. Nothing and no one is more important than their relationship.

They Talk and Listen to Each Other Every Day

Respectfully discuss and solve frustrations, before they turn into big problems. Complement each other often every day in private and in public. They create a place of trust where they can unmask and be themselves. A relationship so close they can speak truth to each other tenderly.

They Bring Out the Best in Each Other

They’re a reality check for each other. If one of them falls into negative thinking patterns or an obsessive
behavior, the other can respectfully confront it before it becomes destructive or an addiction. They cheer each other on to develop healthy thinking, sleeping, eating, and working patterns:

  • You are Better Together
  • You are Wiser Together
  • You are Stronger Together
  • You are Richer Together
  • You are Heathier Together
  • You are Happier Together

Put the Secrets of a Great Marriage into Practice

Now as you begin observer Great Marriages and discover even more of their secrets, put them into practice also. For even more ways to build a secure and intimate marriage, explore BECOMING ONE, The Couple’s Marriage Kit. Learn effective Communication and Problem Solving Skills. If you prepare together, you can absolutely create a Great Marriage!

About the Author

Sandra Lynn Borchardt, Founder of Marriage Designer, Author of “Marriage Expectations” and Creator of “BECOMING ONE”, The Couple’s Marriage Kit.


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