I Wanted to Scream

All the angry things that filled my mind. But, why am I so upset? Maybe I’m not as much angry, as hurt, and actually scared! Scared because your words hurt me, and made me so frightened, that they are a sign that you don’t love me as much as you once did. I’m so vulnerable to you because I gave you my heart. I protect myself from others with a defensive wall. But with you, I opened the gate and welcomed you into my heart. I have no protection; every fiery angry word hits the mark, piercing my soul.

Please be Tender with My Heart

Please be tender with my heart and I promise to be tender with yours. Be careful with the words you direct at me. Remind me daily of your love. So, instead of screaming back hurtful words, like I did in the past, I will whisper, “My Love, those words hurt me and made me feel less loved.” Is it possible to learn to discuss conflicts without hurting each other?

We Have Never Been Taught to Solve Conflicts

Thus, we end up hurting each other when a conflict arises. Conflicts happen in all relationships, they should be expected and prepared for. You don’t have to follow old negative role-models or let emotions rule the day. Do yourself a favor, make the effort to learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner. One source of Healthy Conflict Resolution is BECOMING ONE, The Couple’s Marriage Kit. You can learn The Good Fight Formula, a simple step-by-step method, that once learned and put into practice will save you a lifetime of heartache.

A Loving Marriage Can Be One of Your Greatest Blessings

A loving relationship and marriage can be one of your greatest accomplishments and blessings. I treasure my marriage of 45 years and you can treasure yours also. Each of us long to love and be loved. Here is the secret to a great marriage, my Mother shared with me on my wedding day:

  1. Always Speak to Each Other with Respect
  2. Make your Husband/Wife Needs as Important as Your Own

Be Kind and Loving with Each Other

Kiss and hug, and give compliments every day. Play, laugh, and enjoy each other, you are building your marriage day by day, loving word by loving word.

Sandra Lynn Borchardt, Author of Marriage Expectations and Creator of BECOMING ONE, The Couple’s Marriage Kit.