How to Encourage Your Man to Be His Best Self

A man falls in love with the woman who makes him feel like he is the good man, he longs to become. Men thrive on admiration and respect. If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you know I don’t just reveal relationship truths, but I also give you actual ways to achieve a more intimate relationship.

Three Ways to Help Your Husband Become the Man He Wants to Be

Here are three ways to help your husband become the man he longs to be.

  1. During a relaxed conversation, ask him to describe the character of the best man he has ever met. Nod encouraging as he describes this man. Ask him, are there any other traits you really admire? Finish the conversation by pointing out his traits that are similar and all his traits you admire. Now that you know the traits he admires, you can encourage him, as you point out every time he exhibits that trait.
  2. Become his “Character Mirror”, reflect to him all the loving, thoughtful things he says and does. By recognizing and verbalizing each of his kind traits, you are helping him build a positive self-image. Be diligent, watch for every opportunity to point out something loving he does. With each recognized good act, he moves one step closer to making that trait part of who he is at his core. Praising him in front others is doubly effective, because other also begin seeing him more positively and expect the best from him. He is honored and begins seeing himself as the man he wants to be.
  3. Now join the love in action party. Begin modeling the tender, thoughtful words and behaviors you want to be the trademark of your relationship. Start to do all the respectful, loving patterns of interaction you want to enjoy in your relationship today.

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Every young boy dreams of becoming a strong, kind, trustworthy man, that everyone looks up to. Show your man that’s how you see him, and he will love you for it.
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